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The inaugural broadcast of Proving Genesis proponing young earth creationism hosted by yours truly was certainly good for a first go, and this Saturday (March 19) at noon on will be much better, now knowing the feel of things in live radio broadcasting (taking callers questions and comments), so I hope you tune in on Saturdays at 12:00 noon (c.s.t. in the u.s.); this Saturday to discuss the fact that because of gravitational time dilation early in the expansion and coelescence of matter during the creation, the distant stars cannot be billions of years old, according to Einstein’s theory of general relativity, and so the biblical account rendered more than plausible, and the fact that you won’t see a map of bronze age mediterranean ports in mainstream textbooks because the ruins are all submerged (including the ports of the atlantean empire), actually since the end of the ice age, and the deduction by this young earth creationist that the submerged port city of Kususthali in the gulf of Kutch off northwest India is the key to the decipherment of the Indus Valley script.  It’ll be a great show, so tune in and call in with questions and comments, and research the material yourself on the web, referring to for keywords.

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