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Where was Atlantis?  Where did Plato say it was?  In the shadow of the Atlas mountains, namesake of (Po)Sidon’s son, are many locations of submerged ruins of bronze age vintage (off Cadiz and Tarifa for instance), often megalithic structures (cyclopean as the classical greeks described the ones they observed on land in their region), built circa 2000 b.c., yet a great number are submerged on the shallow seafloor in many parts of the world, including off Greece (at Pavlopetri and Pelagos island for instance), so when did the ice age end, what do you think?  The answer is in the fact that the darwinists will feign ignorance about the anciently submerged cities, such as too the cities described in the Vedas of India now known submerged in the gulfs of Chambay (Ham) and Kutch (Kush), all these obviously submerged since the end of the ice age, can there be any doubt?

Tune in on Saturdays to Proving Genesis at 12:00 noon to Listen Live on http://klgo.net for our one hour call in talkshow, we’ll discuss these submerged ruins, what really caused the ice age, why the ice age ended, and how therefore the darwinists are missing the boat in a breathtaking way regarding earth history and its chronology, that chronology laid out in the book of Genesis. oh the horror!  The show will obviously be very refreshing for real bible believing christians, and surely challenging those who have chosen to this point to swallow the dogma of darwinism as purposefully force fed us in the public schools and popular media.  Pastors and preachers should make a point to tune in, please alert them, so they can finally get around to defending Genesis, sadly lacking from the pulpits to this point, wouldn’t you say?

See http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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