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The ancient greek writers such as Homer and Herodotus all said that the Pelasgians were the dominant tribe in earliest Greece, having built some of the biggest and best megalithic structures (many submerged since the end of the ice age), yet the Pelasgian language anciently spoken in the region is a mystery to mainstream linguists, however, it’s quite obvious that the albanian language is the modern version of homeric greek after you read, that language spoken and written extensively, such as on the famous Lemnos Stela from that aegean island, which shows great affinity to the undecifered Etruscan language spoken across the adriatic sea from Greece in Italy.

These ancients were the progeny of Peleg in the line of Shem (son of Noah/Nereus), the ancient Albanians even known as the Pellazg, and the albanian word for deep ocean Pellg.  Arvanites they are often called today in Greece, or Arbers, who worshipped the sacred trees at the sancturary of Dodona, Arbers perhaps the origin of our word for trees, arbor.  And now see

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