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The big show, a dream come true for me, will commence at 12:00 noon (central standard time u.s.) on March 12, 2011, the first broadcast of Proving Genesis, my new hour-long radio talkshow on from Austin, Texas, so mark your calendars and call-in if you like, it’ll be live each Saturday (with a five second caller delay) to accept your questions and comments.  Just click-on the link above then click “Listen Live” at the top of the webpage at high noon on the 12th to hear the show from almost anywhere in the world via the wonderful internet which Al Gore supposedly helped invent (haha), and please be sure to tell all you know who would be interested to hear the latest and best of young earth creationism, defending all of holy writ the Bible, and specifically the foundational book Genesis.  Get a good taste for some of the topics at  We’ll begin ‘though discussing that Darwin’s term species is meaningless.

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