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The Basques of western Spain speak a language anomalous to the surrounding indo-european languages of Europe, the Basques with the word root atl, associated with water, found in no other language of Europe, yet found in the ancient nahuatl language of Mexico, a transoceanic connection for sure (unless you want to believe they walked east across Europe and Siberia then down from Alaska to Mexico), and the Atlantic in between with that same word root, atl, could the connection be more obvious?

Atlas was a son of Sidon (Posidon in Plato’s atlantis story), and son Atlas was the mapman of legendary renown, hence our “world atlas of maps,” he and other ancinets circa 2000 b.c. having utilized the method explained in article #2 at, the solution to the puzzle, why from now submerged (since the end of the ice age) Atlit Yam of Canaan to Mexico, with Morroco and Spain in between, that word root is common.  To make more sense of it all, demonstrating the book of Genesis real history, go to, show it to some darwinists.

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