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About a week ago, military infiltrators attempted the assassination of egyptian vice president designate Omar Suleiman, killiing two of his bodyguards in the motorcade, this now old news being brought forward by only Fox thus far.  The failed assassination attempt was apparently by islamists within the egyptian military bent on an islamic state of Egypt, what the Muslim Brotherhood desires, to bring woe upon neighboring Israel such as the bombing today of the El Arish-Ashkelon gas pipeline from Egypt to Israel and Jordan, almost certainly a harbinger of things to come, at least if the brutal Muslim Brotherhood and millions of other Koran believers have their way, desiring that the nation of Israel be no more, failing to realize ‘though that Ezekiel 38 is in their future.

The name Suleiman, the vice president of Egypt’s last name, is arabic for Solomon, that’s King Solomon of Jerusalem, which really was a wide ranging name in the ancient world, from King Solomon’s legendary gold mines in Sumatra, to the ancient Rio Tinto mining district of southern Spain where the town of Zalamea la Real and the rich mining area called Cerros Salomon, those geographic names bring reality to the “myth” that Solomon’s fleets, which were the phoenician fleets really, could sail all over the world (by the navigation means explained in article #2 at, and so rendering the Genesis account really much more than plausible, when you see the material at; challenge those darwinists with this material, watch ’em go speechless.

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