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I wrote a blogpost a couple of years ago about Barack Obama’s first involvement at fascist crazy Jeremiah Wright’s church in Chicago in the early 80’s.  Obama’s then mentor and Saul Alinsky-ite Jerry Kellman at the Chicago Developing Communities Project (commuting organizers) told Obama that to get political results in Chicago’s black south side, future president B. Hussein would have to join a church, so of course it just had to be the black liberation theologist and colorful reverend Jeremiah Wright’s church, where (among other lies) he taught that Jesus sides with the koran-loving Muslims who hope to destroy Israel, however “christians” Obama and Wright obviously don’t take seriously the prophecies in Ezekiel 38 of the Word, otherwise they would not entertain the notion as “bible believing christians” that jews and Israel are irrelevant and expendable in today’s modern world which is soon but actually to enter a time of Tribulation beginning with those perhaps soon future events in Ezekiel 38. 

Nominal christians are being fooled by president Barack H. Obama’s claim to biblical faith, now beginning to believe him that Jesus wants atheistic government to be nanny and overlord of us all, but how far from the truth is that?!  Christians in new testament times were indeed communistic (as the leftists now crow) in the sense only ‘though that they shared what they had among themselves, the new believers in Jesus Christ, a select and greatly persectued group for sure, so they adapted under the instruction of the Holy Spirit, of Elohim, El plural, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the Spirit whom the evidence suggests Mr. Obama is not following, because after all, by their fruits we shall know them, the wolves in sheeps clothing, and frankly, it’s a rather bad disguise in this case, true christians smelling something bad cooking in the kitchen.

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