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The navigating Pelasgians of the mediterranean were legendary by the time of the classical greek historians who cited those ocean mariners as the first settlers of the region, so when the Flood of Ogyges had occurred, consuming much oceancoast real estate according to greek legend, the megalithic constructions of docks, temples, and plazas of the Pelasgians went under, those ruins now found at many locations off Greece, such as off Pavlopetri, Psathoura, Platygiali, Astakos, and the island of Pelagos, yes, of the “legendary” Pelasgians, who were the progeny of the biblical shemite Peleg, they sea navigators four thousand years ago who built the first port/temple complexes when the sea level was much lower during the ice age, so bronze age ruins on the ocean floor, what can the darwinists say?  Noted nautical archaeologists of the darwinian bent such as Nic Flemming refuse to admit that the ice age ended actually circa 1500 b.c., so they flat out don’t like to talk about these clearly bronze age ruins, a good teaching tool here

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