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The darwinists have been saying that homo sapiens evolved and came out of Africa around 200,000 years ago, but now scientists in Israel have dated a homo sapien tooth back to 400,000 years ago, from a cave in the hills of central Israel.  So who were these humans who first lived in that cave in the Holy Land?  The Bible says it was a canaanite, but will the academics of Israel want to say that?  They really might if it ever hits home that for humans to have lived in that prime realestate in the fruitful judean hills 400,000 years ago, there’s no reason to think humans wouldn’t have chosen to use that site and region through all that time, thousands of generations, millions of people through that time, right?

Well where are those remains and relicts?  Perhaps a hundred times the number of people who have lived and died in the Holy Land through the last 4,000 years should certainly have lived and died there through the last 400,000 years, where is the evidence?

First language in the region was canaanite, really beyond dispute, and the first artefacts were canaanite too, comporting with the biblical timeline, so what do the darwinists in Israel have to say about all this?  Can they explain away the obvious veracity of the Genesis account, or will they listen to their biblical scholars who more-often-than-not are scientists too, who are beginning to smell the coffee and propone the plain reading of Genesis as fully compatible with the scientific evidence?  Time will tell, as they begin to see the reality here  And please be sure to see compelling evidence at, a way for you to help spread the word, as the darwinian paradigm is destined for the dust-bin of history, intellectual honesty will do the job.

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