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What is the human race, and really, what is race?  Barack Obama is supposedly black, yet his mother is white, so what worth then is the term race?  It’s really meaningless, much like Darwin’s term species, because hybrids abound in captivity as well as in nature, of differing “species,” even up to the family level such as with turtles, and we humans are all interfertile too, not of differing races really, with the meaning of race probably from the arabic ras for head, origin, as of a lineage, and so therefore then, what are the lineages and for what so-called races?  Does Barack Obama say that his mother is white, of course he does, so then why do they call him black, color blind?

And so with Charles Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” combined with the concept of race, you can see where that leads, and they call that good science?  Since the term species is meaningless, should we not find a proper designation for interfertile types of animals?  Let’s get real with syngameons, about twenty thousand of which need have been on Noah’s Ark, the ruins of which can be seen on Mount Ararat, see  Why don’t the darwinists go up there to “debunk” the ruins?  Shouldn’t they be up there having a field day?  There is the evidence of our roots, our lineage, from historical Noah and his wife, through Shem, Ham, and Japheth, born out in archaeology and ancient history,

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