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The roman emperor Constantine established christmas in the empire to incorportate his newly accepted christianity within two weeks ‘though of winter solstice celebrations, the latter week having been the week ending the year, the mithra rites from persia, sandwiched between the week of mediterranean saturnalia rites which ended dec. 24, both times of drunken craziness and prayers to the sun god, and that’s the christmas we celebrate on dec. 25th., what a show!

Is it not time we look to when Jesus really incarnated?  It was not in the dead of winter, but in the autumn, when the shepherds with their flocks were coming down from summer grazing high in the judean hills, also at the time of a major jewish sacred festival, Rosh Hashana, timed by the ancient hebrew lunar calendar, so it would certainly fall on one of two solar calendar days from year to year, and therefore “no one can know the day nor the hour of his return.”  Pretty cool.

And all the Bible is true,

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