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Ever wonder why 1,760 yards compose a mile distance?  Divide that number by 4, the result 440, the distance of the old yard-denominated olympic race, and 22/7  is the value of pi, so there is your hint, the full answer here, article #2 at, explaining besides the Great Pyramid’s astronomically derived dimensions also the reason for the hindu yugas of time, the number of warriors of Valhalla, the number of promised virgins of islam, and the numbering of our nautical mile mapping system, as well as, the numbering of the ancient cult of astrology, all wrapped up in the information in the link, what the darwinists are ignoring.

When it’s realized that there was a global mapping system by the earth’s slow wobble rate, the map of the sky then as the map of the earth, global navigation then makes sense, and that during the bronze age, proven by the hundreds of submerged ruins’ sites found around the world, also what the intransigent darwinists are ignoring for obvious reasons, the ice age ended much later than they are saying, and the ice age having been caused by a warmer ocean after Noah’s Flood, that’s hydrology 101 folks, so let’s spread the word through

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