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If you are a darwinist, how do you try to explain away the submerged megalithic ruins found around the world, such as the ruins of two huge ancient cities discovered in the Gulf of Cambay on the ancient sarasvati river channel off India’s northwest coast, fifty miles from shore in a hundred feet of water?  The ice age supposedly ended circa 10000 b.c., so those extensive cities offshore, clearly of the indus valley civilization, went under then, as but the indus valley civilization is thought to have begun circa 2000 b.c. and ended circa 1500 b.c.?  How do you try to explain that away?

Scientists of the waning darwinian bent are saying the Black Sea was connected to the world ocean circa 6000 b.c., but they say the ice age ended circa 10000 b.c, so how is that supposed to wash?  They say the risen ocean from the end of the ice age was held out of the Black Sea basin for four thousand years until it broke through, oh really?  And what of the ancient submerged shoreline of the old Black Sea, tellingly termed the cimmerian shoreline by russian scientists?  They inadvertantly are giving hint that the old Black Sea was settled by Japheth’s son Gomer, known as the Cimmer, the cimmerians, the Black Sea having been connected to the world ocean really circa 1500 b.c., when too went under Atlantis, and the megalithic ruins found off Egypt, Lebanon, Greece, and elsewhere.

Plato listened to the legendary Atlantis story related by egyptian priests for his date of Atlantis’ demise at circa 10000 b.c., yet he surely was privy to the story of the Flood of Ogyges which consumed much of Greece, and Plato mentioned that Erechthonius, Cecrops, Erysichthon, and Theseus lived in that general timeframe, so Mr. Plato’s reportage was almost certainly disingenuous, the motivation unknown to me, but I suspect that since he was aware of the Great Year, that the sea level supposedly rose half a precession cycle before our day, and 9,000 years before Solon’s day, made sense to him.  See how you can help spread this message at http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, and be sure to listen to those radio ads.

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