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King Friso of the ancient Frisians was dominant in the Netherlands on the North Sea and beyond after the flooding of Atland, according to the wrongly controversial Oera Linda book, as except for the date of the flooding at 2193 b.c., it truly is an ancient and accurate rendering of history in the region, with King Friso inarguably the first leader of the Frisians, who sailed even as far as the Andes, where ancient leaders there were known as Fresolano, having navigated the globe during and after the ice age by the logical method explained succinctly for you in article #2 at, the ice age which followed Noah’s Flood because of the warmer ocean at that time.

Notice the legendary Atland was flooded in the Oera Linda, that was Plato’s Atlantis, which he said extended both inside Gibraltar to Libya and Italy, and far outside as well (the city of Atlantis submerged off southern Spain a separate issue), so with anciently famous Atlas the namesake of the big mountains across Gibraltar in Morocco, and Gades his brother the namesake of Cadiz, that the sea level rose around the time of King Friso to the north, the end of the ice age, should become plain for all to realize, but not circa 2193 b.c, but really circa 1500 b.c., the bronze age navies and weaponry in Plato’s story corroborative.  (And really, what were the egyptian priests thinking when they told the greeks that Atlantis went under 9,000 years before their time?)

See, how and why the carbon 14 dates used by the darwinists and their other radioisotope dating methods are flawed, all explained with the global flood model, fascinating stuff, explaining the reasons for the true origin of the Mexican’s ancient homeland Atlan/Aztlan, “across the eastern ocean,” a coastal empire submerged when the ice age actually ended, confirmed with ancient gods such as Atlanteotl and Atleotl, and with Atl meaning water in the ancient mesoamerican languages, not to mention matriarch Maya having been a daughter of Atlas, it was a small world by the ocean highways back then, with the method for navigation explained above.

And see

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