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Everybody’s getting a big laugh over George W. Bush’s story about his dad’s joking in the hospital, having asked the nurse “are my testicles black?”  The punchline to the story then that when the probably startled nurse asked him to repeat himself, Bush Sr. asked “are my test results back?”  Certainly a rather strange sense of humor, I’m not sure I would have repeated that one, but the punchline is being left out by such as Joe Scarborough, who laughs at his truncated version of the story, only the first line of the joke repeated by “morning Joe,” as if George Bush was really wondering if his testicles are really black.  So if you ever doubted that Joe Scarborough is an enemy against the right, now you know for sure, as he also is insisting that Sarah Palin is suited for the bedroom and the kitchen, no more for her.  Apparently the bombastically silly Joe thinks that’s where conservative women should stay, while the “liberated” socialist Mika cheers him on.

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