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Ostensibly mormon Glenn Beck really really went rogue on ancient history tonight, citing as authentic the biblical Tower of Babel episode, equating it with today’s attempt at global governance under the likes of George Soros; a good analogy, and demonstrably real history.  The skeptics will mock of course, but when you consider that the mountain ranges of the world rose at the close of Noah’s Flood, while the ocean basins were deepening (see, and that only the warmer ocean after noah’s flood could have been the cause of the ice age (for all that cloudcover), then Beck comes out smelling like a rose, so I hope to be on his show to explain all this, would be a great show, so please contact Beck’s people to get hold of my people. 

Rabbi Daniel Lapin was onboard for the Tower of Babel and Nimrod show tonight, he too agreeing that Genesis is real history, but can they defend the claims in the Bible about Noah’s Flood, and about the astronomical proficiency displayed by the ancients with the dimensions and alignment of the Great Pyramid of Giza, and so, how the ancients measured and mapped the earth, as explained in article #2 at  They can’t, and with material such as published here available to all including Beck and his people, and the skeptics, perhaps Beck’s claims about the Tower of Babel will go unchallenged by the usually jeering hordes of snarly darwinists in mainstream media and academia, after all, Beck went unchallenged a few weeks ago with his claim, documented in archaeology, that mariners were in the Americas at the time of King David.

Demonstrated further here

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