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Does Ken Ham at Answers in Genesis really have no clue about Atlantis?  Ham’s employee, Bodie Hodge, has written about it really quite ignorantly, as AIG has been privvy to the material here under category Atlantis Revealed for several years now, yet Hodge writes that Atlantis is really just a mystery, that it maybe true, and maybe mythology, that’s the best he can do, he would say.  But Ham and co. has known about this young earth creationist’s blogsite for years, yet out of professional jeolosy, they eschew this which makes sense of it all in the young earth creationism context, that which Ham says he espouses; but with his ignorance displayed about Atlantis, and of my ancient mapping finding, article #2 at, you really wonder what motivates the guy.

The plain of southern Spain, to the south of the Sierra Nevada and Morena mountains, is the size described by Plato in his story about Atlantis, 300 miles across by 200 miles north to south, and those mountains to the north, the Sierra Nevada’s and Morena’s, were the richest mining district in the ancient world, yet Hodge (with Ham’s blessing) writes that it might have been a huge island in the middle of the Atlantic, now submerged, ‘though not in keeping at all with the geomorphology noted on the Atlantic floor.  And I hope you read on under category Atlantis Revealed to see what the followers of Answers in Genesis are missing, and please let them know, Ham is shorting his peeps.  See

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