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The nautical archaeology department at Dokuz Eylul University in Turkey has been surveying the ruins of at least ten submerged ruins’ sites since 2007 in the Gulf of Gokova, southwestern Turkey, which was during the ice age, when sea level was much lower, a lush river valley; those cities there of the Pelasgians and Carians, ‘though not what the darwinists will tell you, because they don’t like to discuss any submerged ruins, this topic messes up their timeline for the ice age and its end, their self imposed intellectual exile for ideolological expediency which eventually ‘though will surely end as global knowledge about the submerged ruins around the world increases by the day

British nautical archaeologist Nic Flemming, now quite old, is a treasure trove of knowledge about the submerged ancient ruins around the world, and probably up to speed on the research by the folks at Dokuz Eylul, but his is a classic example of the dilemma facing darwinists knowledgable of the extensive bronze age ruins found around the world, they belie the darwinian notion that the ice age ended circa 10000 b.c., when such bronze age building would have been 7,000 years into the future.  The submerged ruins therefore are great proofs of the Genesis timeline, not at all what the darwinists want to talk about, and strangely, nor the pastors in the pulpits either.  So see

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