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Sardonic atheist Bill Maher was on Fox’s Bill O’ Reilly’s show last night, mocking the story of Noah’s Flood, asking what kind of fool believes that children’s story, to which O’ Reilly responded that ancient biblical history is symbolic, not literal, but then offered (led by God I think) that they’ve discovered the wreckage of Noah’s Ark high on a mountain in eastern Turkey (see on Mount Ararat, to which Maher did not respond, moving right past that, not wanting to touch it with a ten foot pole, because I’d bet he’s seen the link, and it’s very compelling, so Bill, let’s talk about it on your show Real Time, for a real good time, don’t you know?

Just remember that during Noah’s Flood, the mountains such as Ararat rose at the close of the flood while the continents thickened and the water slid off into the deepening ocean basins, so Bill, and Bill, and all the darwinists out there, the much more than just legendary Noah’s Flood did not cover the Himalayas for instance, because they rose at the close of the flood, in that case, because the african tectonic plate crashed into the asian plate to crumple the Himalayas up at the runaway plate tectonics during Noah’s Flood year (see, so mabye John Baumgardner and I could be part of a panel on Bill O’Reilly’s show, who seems interested, and maybe even Bill Maher, who really doesn’t want  ‘though to talk about the evidence, as when he brushed right by O’ Reilly’s comment about the wreckage on Mount Ararat last night on the show.  C’mon Bill, and Bill, let’s talk about the evidence.

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