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Senate hopeful Christine O’Donnell could silence the lampooners of her statement that (darwinian) evolution is a myth if only she would educate herself, that the biblical kinds of animals of the book of Genesis were, in modern biological parlance, syngameons, groups of “species” of animals which can interbreed, such as lions, tigers, and leopards, of one syngameon, and llamas, alpacas, and camels of another, and humans of still another, the so-called races of humans represented, which really, according to darwinian theory, indicates a branching of the humankind (notice the biblical term kind), so the notion of human races is racist in-and-of itself, just ask the president, he’s “half black and half white,” as if some kind of crossbreed between species, yet of one syngameon, so look for our new Genesis Veracity Foundation website in the next month, where we will help educate these politicians to back up what they say with facts about our origins, which even the most cunning darwinists cannot refute.

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