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Funny to watch crazed leftist Keith Olbermann tonight and a commercial break for his show with the right wing political ad of the red-neck-sounding middle aged average americans, black and white, saying everybody should have the extension of the Bush tax cuts, as Olbermann reels at that pressure on his soul by this natural capitalist system; his bosses Comcast take the money from the rightist political groups ’cause Comcast needs the money, to pay Olbermann’s salary (perhaps seventy grand?) among other items, yet Olbermann would have the system rigged that only liberal voices would be heard, so what would he make then, twenty grand a year?  

Have you noticed the establishment left wing media talking heads such as Olbermann have not been mocking the young earth creationism of such as Sarah Palin?  They used to jump on it, but now, they are strangely silent to mock.  Could it be that they know the evidence is overwhelmingly against them when they mock and mention “crazy young earth creationists’ sites” like this one?  It’s looking that way, and maybe with soon to be completed, our new Genesis Veracity Foundation, ads will be placed on Olbermann’s show for instance, and maybe I’ll be on his show to match information and wits.  Check-it-out here

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