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The Genesis Veracity Foundation website should be up and running fairly soon, with maps of submerged megalithic ruins’ sites worldwide, and photos of many of the submerged ruins, with my ten minute lectures through youtube on subjects such as the ancient peopling of America, actually relatively few of them across the bering land bridge during the ice age (not what the darwinists ignorantly opine), but by the ancient superhighway of the ocean, fast and safe, if they knew where they were going, and they did, by the ancient mapping finding in article #2 at, the reason Atlas, who was Ercle (Hercules) to the Etruscans, was said to have held the earth on his shoulders, Atlas who was a son of Posidon, son of Canaan.

With Glenn Beck now publicly behind the notion that there was certainly transoceanic travel in ancient times (that which the darwinists baselessly deny), the public awareness that ancient history is not as taught in the schools grows greater by the day, with Sarah Palin, his buddy, an avowed young earth creationist, so perhaps Sarah will apprise Glenn of this website, to fill in some of his blanks, and that dinosaurs were alive with humans, and that the legendary Amazons from north Africa came to the Americas when the ice age ended, the Americas named after the Americos tribe of Venezuela whom certainly were the namesake of their archaic ancestors the Amoricani of Brittany, France, so-called by the Romans, the Amorica peninsula of the brittany coast their namesake, and Venezuela named after the nearby ancient brittany tribe the Veneciuela, also known as the Vannes.

The site is up,

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