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America was supposedly named after Amerigo, Mr. Vespucci as it were, yet one in his exploration party wrote that the natives of what now is called Venezuela referred to themselves as the Veneciuela tribe, descendants of the Veneti of the Brittany coast of France, of the kingdom of Vannes, great mariners, some of their megaliths now submerged off Carnac, along with the ruins of the kingdom of Is, and no doubt others yet to be reported, mariners during and after the ice age, which actually ended circa 1500 b.c.

A peninsula of Brittany is called Amorica, sound familiar?  Probably the Americos tribe of Venezuela are the descendants of the early Amorica of France, easy to believe when you realize those ancients were able to accurately measure and map the earth, by its wobble rate, for the earth commensurate units of length, the olympic foot and the cubit, the method explained in article #2 at, not what you’ll learn in the public schools, but maybe soon we hope.  Don’t you think it’s interesting?  Indeed see

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