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With what adventurer and archaeologist David Hatcher Childress calls the compressionist theory, which is young earth creationism, that the ice age and the so-called bronze age were the same, transoceanic travel in the 2000 b.c. timeframe, is necessitated to explain the sudden emergence of megalithic building cultures around the world at that time, but Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis says the continents were settled by voyagers on mats of vegetative debris in the aftermath of Noah’s Flood, having floated across the oceans on the debris, so is that the best he can do?  No!

Ken Ham knows of my ancient mapping finding, explained in article #2 at, yet he insists that the great megalithic builders of bronze age Japan, China, India, Mexico, South America, and islands of the Pacific and Atlantic, arrived to settle on vast mats of plant debris from across the ocean.  It’s too strange for words, so please insist that he update his database, replacing vegetative mat navigation with Nienhuis’ ancient mapping finding, Ham’s foolish professional jeolousy must be remedied, his pride gets in his way.

Please show him

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