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The ever searching Glenn Beck on his show today was marveling that the solstice alignments at the ancient Serpent Mound in Ohio make angles as of the lines of the Great Pyramid of Giza, but doesn’t know why.  His point is that ancient navigators with star mapping knowledge had sailed to the “new world” long before Columbus, never admitted by the darwinists, yet born out further by Beck citing the numerous “block form hebrew letters” which have been found in many locations in the Americas, brought by the erstwhile phoenicians, who wrote canaanite in the semitic script of the hebrews, however, Mr. Beck is apparently still unaware of how the ancients actually did it, measuring and thereby accurately charting the earth by its slow wobble rate at 72 years/degree, so please somebody Ask Glenn Beck to Read article  #2 at!  The guy could blow the lid off the ancient mapping secret with exposure of this on his show, so please bombard his staff with notice of this.  Thank you.

For much information on the ancient canannite writing in the “new world,” be sure to read

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