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The country name of Ireland, the land of Eire, is the same ancient word root as of the spanish word ayer, which means yesterday, and too, part of the land of Eire, according to many ancient caribbean (and irish) legends, the now submerged (since the end of the ice age) so-called “big country,” of archaic times when the sea level was lower, when what now are islands were hills of larger landmasses there in the Caribbean, from the time when Atlantis was thriving too across the Atlantic near the Atlas mountains, the homebase of Sidon, Atlas, Maya, Tarshish, Geryon (Algeria), Antaeus (Andes), and Gades (Cadiz), in conformity (not surprisingly) with the biblical timeline.

In Harold T. Wilkins fascinating book, Secret Cities of Old South America, these ancient caribbean legends from many sources (from Trinidad, Grendad, and Barbados) are noted about the now lost “big country,” submerged by the sea, the Carib tribe said by the locals to have emerged, and who were they?  Actually, they were Carians, the Kari-bas, originally from the eastern Mediterranean during the ice age, who too founded what later would be called Rio De Janeiro, anciently known as Carioca, so do you see that with the ancient mapping method explained in article #2 at, this all makes sense in reasoned defiance of the darwinian paradigm?  And see

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