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Glenn Beck had a great show today, talking about Barack Hussein Obama’s philosophy that his supposedly christian salvation in Jeremiah Wright’s church was not enough, that his salvation would not be complete until there would be social salvation (which of course would be reserved for only for those who agree with him and his policies as president), that which wolf-in-sheeps-clothing Jim Wallis is advocating, and black liberationist James Cone, as would Obama’s childhood communist poet mentor Frank Marshall Davis if he were alive today, the state of the democrat party today.

Beck stressed that salvation by the God of the Bible is not collective, but for individuals, and therefore, that what Wallis and Wright propone is not really christian at all, it’s merely using christianity for political purposes, for “social justice,” which is communism, but they won’t tell you that.  The irony is that Beck began by saying he’s a mormon, then preached a very nice christian sermon really about individual salvation, which leads me to wonder why Beck joined and remains in the mormon church which is so foreign to the teachings of the new testament in the Bible because they have added to it, when Revelation says anyone who adds to that book shall be anathema, not good.

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