Definition Meaning Biblical Phrase Rapture Church Believers Definition Etymology Word Root Greek Harpazo Rapturo Raptere Latin Translation Abduct Snatch Rapture Ecstatic Joy Bliss Irony Snatched Like Raptor Dinosaur Snags Seizes Carnivore Prey

When the church (the body of believers) is raptured by Jesus Christ, we will be snatched away, this word for snatched away or abducted in the original greek harpazo, and then in latin raptere or rapturo, hence the notion that the church will be caught up, snatched like a raptor would snatch its prey, yet too, the word means ecstatic bliss, oh the irony, that definition of rapture no doubt added since the writing of the New Testament, when previously, abduct could have had no positive meaning obviously whatsoever, unless you’d like to be snatched away by the claws of a raptor, while the christians’ raptor who brings unspeakable joy is the God of the Bible.

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