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June 26, 2010

Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings, a typical progressive liberal writing for that magazine, with his reportage of General McCrystal and his mates speaking ill of Team Obama’s military capabilities and goals, apparently did not know that McCrystal actually fell on his sword of his own volition, to let the world know that the u.s. military (by and large) doesn’t like the way Team Obama is handling things.  And McCrystal himself, from what I have read, is a social liberal, however, fiscally, I don’t know where he stands, but with some military brass now saying our national debt is one of the biggest threats to America, I’d certainly bet that McCrystal agrees with this assessment, so surely, Mcrystal and millions of usually democrat voting Americans like him will be lining up to vote-out Obama, as Hastings and the Rolling Stone see the boomerang come back on them too fast to handle.

Deciphering Rapanui Easter Island RongoRongo Script Language Written Signs Similarity Indus Valley Script Fertility Cult Shiva Linga Vulva Etchings Obsidian Marks Skulls Easter Island RongoRongo Warrior Kings Menes Egypt Ham Khem Cham Chambodia Sea Dragon Min Min Minnows Sailors Islands Pacific Bronze Age World Ocean Cartography Maps Ancient Sea Kings

June 25, 2010

Many scholars equate the biblical Ham with one of the ancient names of Egypt, the land of Khem, who I think was also Menes, the great unifier of upper Egypt (the region upstream from Giza on the Nile) and lower Egypt (the Nile Delta region), deified as the god Min, with royal navigators of Crete apparently his namesake, the Minos kings, like swimming minnows, who navigated precisely across vast stretches of ocean ‘though with mathematical precision by the method explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, with the astral aspect of the mapping method demonstrated by the polynesian reverence for the MinMin spirits of the tribes of the south Pacific, who also revered the sun god Ra, as in Rapanui (Easter Island), like the Egyptians who worshipped Atum Re, which was solar ancestor worship of Adam, the Adam of Genesis, the account of which was obviously seriously distorted by the Egyptians and many others in the ancient world, as the Hebrews maintained the accurate rendering of ancient history.

Cham was not a big player in ancient India (where his son Kush was), as Ham/Cham was in Cambodia where he was known as the Sea Dragon (his constructions at such as Angor Wat with the precession numbers from the link), but the undecifered (which should be ‘though now) Indus Valley script has symbols which are virtually identical to the symbols of the also undecifered RongoRongo script of Rapanui (Easter Island), 13,000 miles away, not explainable by the darwinists, but with the information in the link, you can see that the hindu yugas of time, and the method by which the sailors led by Hotu Matua voyaged to Easter Island when the Ice Age ended circa 1500 b.c.

RongoRongo means recitations, and Rongo was an ancient polynesian sea god of Hotu Matua and his people when they lived on vast expanses of land now submerged since the end of the Ice Age near the Marquesas islands in the Pacific, with stone navigation spheres found there as on Easter Island and in the Diqus river delta and around the countryside of Costa Rica, the markers for the leylines of the ancient ocean travelers, by the method in the link, the cult of fertility evident by all those ancients, Shiva in India (the Siva of the Bible), and through the recitations of the RongoRongo, plenty of clues for the experts, which when deciphered will bolster the notion for biblical young earth creationism, and the darwinists won’t like that.  Please note that the Indus Valley script are symbols for the vedic sanskrit language, that language having had a semitic alphabet applied when the Ice Age had ended and the Indus civilization ended with catastrophic climate change and sea level rise.  And checkout http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

Who First Settled Settlement Date Easter Island Rapanui Origin RongoRongo Language Hotu Matua Voyages Submerged Lost Land Marae Renga Toiho Marquesas Stone Statues Monuments Ahu Platforms Megaliths Southern Pacific Ocean Mariners Indus Valley Connection Biblical Table Nations Migrations

June 24, 2010

Easter Island, about three thousand miles west of Peru, was first settled (according to the darwinists) circa 400 a.d., obviously by seafarers, from where the darwinists will not say, however, ancient legends from Easter Island tell that Hotu Matua first arrived there bringing plants and animals from his ancient homeland which was submerged by the sea (when the Ice Age was ending), bringing with him 67 tablets of script, the unknown RongoRongo writing script of Easter Island, about a third of the signs of which are virtually identical to the also undecifered (but should be as it’s sanskrit) Indus Valley script, from that civilization half the world away, across the vast Pacific ocean, having navigated by the surprisingly simple method explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com.

Further complicating matters for the darwinists is that since they are forced to admit that Easter Island (because of the archaic megalithic constructions there) was first settled by seafarers at least a thousand years before Christopher Columbus, they are therefore admitting ancient navigation across a vast body of water, the Pacific, far greater than across the Atlantic, rendering foolish once again the notion that the Americas were first settled by the descendants of cavemen having trudged across the Bering Land Bridge during the Ice Age, which ended actually circa 1500 b.c. when the legendary kingdom of Hotu Matua near the Marquesas succumbed to the sea.

And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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June 23, 2010

Does anybody seriously think that special ops master General Stanley McCrystal didn’t know what he was doing when he ok’d the Rolling Stone reporter be privy to the disrespectful smack which he and his compadres were running against Team Obama while the reporter listened following them around in Europe?  Do many people really think McCrystal didn’t realize he would be speaking to millions of young rockers who love this country very much and are likely potential enlistees by allowing these intriguing comments for public consumption about Team Obama’s impotence against islamic jihad?  And in so doing, could this not be a rallying cry to follow him to the presidency in 2012?

And with millions of the youth of America losing jobs to illegal aliens, secure borders are also of great interest to the readers of Rolling Stone, right in McCrystal’s wheelhouse, who is a great speaker too, so now that he’s out of command in Afghanistan, look for great support for his candidacy for a run for president in 2012, paired perhaps with Chris Christie or Sarah Palin, sure to engender much fervent backing by the previously silent majority, while the democrats watch the tidal wave approaching them this fall, the left wing unwilling to secure our borders nor effectively battle islamic jihad intellectually and militarily.

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June 23, 2010

With Stanley McChrystal basically challenging president Obama to fire him, probably ‘though with resignation in hand when they meet today, the general stands poised for a momentous run at the republican nomination for the presidency in 2012, perhaps paired with Sarah Palin, another populist folk hero, this pair who would return Israel to its rightful place of respect in our foreign policy, that nation our only ally in the Middle East against islamic jihad which seeks to obliterate Israel and the West.

McChrystal would push for free speech in the bigoted Middle East, challenging those nations to engage in intellectual discourse with debates of comparative religion, to talk not fight, which should be just fine if-in-fact Islam is truly the religion of peace, right?  And why should not the ardent proponents of Islam be willing to debate the merits of their books, the Koran and Hadith, with the history and claims in the Bible, both old and new Testaments, if ostensibly the islamic books are later and more accurate revelations?

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June 23, 2010

Is Atlantis mentioned in the Bible?  Yes, but not directly, because Tarshish (Spain) was presented as the preeminent maritime empire during the time of the Judges circa 1200 b.c.; this Tarshish who was a son of Javan, the greek Iawan (the namesake actually of the Ionians of Greece), lived during the Ice Age, just a few generations from Noah obviously (see the Table of Nations in Genesis).

So as the biblical Tarshish, known later to the Romans as Tartessos, was the chosen name of those who remained there in the Gibraltar region after the Ice Age had ended (when the City of Atlantis and others worldwide succumbed to the sea), and as that great historical maritime empire of the bronze age western Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic (and around the world) is not mentioned in the Bible after Genesis 10 until the Book of Judges over a thousand years later, we must fill in the blanks about Atlantis through deductive reasoning of the evidence.

Many who have not studied the book of Genesis and science say Noah’s Flood and the flood of Atlantis must have been the same, at the end of the Ice Age, but with the remains of the legendary Ark of Noah now discovered high on Mount Ararat at 13,000 feet, and those remains far too extensive and partially covered with rock and ice to have been planted when you take a good look http://NoahsArkSearch.net/eng, the world can now see that Noah’s Flood was the real deal, with the geology supporting this notion (refer often to http://GlobalFlood.org).

So there really is no excuse to not believe the veracity of Genesis after you checkout http://GenesisPark.org/genpark/thedino/thedino.htm, great material to run by your pastor who probably hasn’t thought about this stuff in years, so let him/her be the judge, should be interesting, see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, and listen please for more here http://jamesnienhuisradio.com.

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June 21, 2010

George Soros (who sounds like Boris Badinoff of the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon), fiendish global progressive of gargantuan proportions and big backer of Obama, owns almost a billion dollars worth of Petrobras (the brazilian national oil company) stock, its value sure to rise much further now that Obama has effectively shut down american offshore drilling because of the horrific oil spill, with but Petrobras still gleefully drilling away in the Gulf of Mexico all the ‘while, and last year having received a more-than-strange two billion dollar cash transfer from the administration of Team Obama, a motley crew.

And since Obama insider John Podesta’s brother Tony is a big lobbyist for British Petroleum, surely the understanding has been transmitted that BP will come out of this disaster smelling like a rose, no doubt to be rewarded by Team Obama, which is led really by John Podesta, with perhaps future deals, directly or indirectly, with Soros’ Petrobras to reward BP for essentially playing along, in order to cripple our u.s. domestic production, well mission accomplished for now, but we’ll see how Obama does in 2012, when the public will have realized the president waited over two months to begin to collect the spewing oil at sea with huge specially fitted tankers available.