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The undeciphered Meroitic writing script from the kingdom of Kush (south of Egypt), originals from the 600 b.c. timeframe, is thought to be of the kushitic language, but without the proof, however, neglected is a full study of the very ancient bedouin Beja language of the Horn of Africa, known to be kushitic, but not yet fully understood for some reason, the key ‘though almost surely to understand the language behind the Meroitc script, and so its decipherment. 

Bedouin derives from Bedaawwye, anciently what the Beja speaking people called themselves, the bedouins whose range was vast, the progency of Kush mixed with other families through the centuries having settled from the region of the Hindu Kush, to Kish of the Sumerian culture, to the kingdom of Kush south of Egypt, those bedouins associated with nomadic activity but near the cities which dotted the plains of what now are deserts in the Middle East and North Africa, because the climate changed drastically when circa 1500 b.c. the Ice Age began to end, not what the darwinists want to hear.

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