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During the presidential election in 2008, Tim Adams was the senior elections clerk in Honolulu County, where he says he was told by his superiors that there was no record of then candidate Barack Obama’s birth at the Hawaii Health Department, and Adams says he inquired at both hospitals in Honolulu at the time, Queen’s Medical and Kaiolani Children’s, to see if they had record of his birth, which they didn’t, so this could explain why president Obama doesn’t want to produce his long form birth certificate to end the controversy, because the document doesn’t exist apparently, yet Smith still thinks Obama was born in Hawaii, perhaps knowing more than he’s letting out.

If you google Frank Marshall Davis with Barack Obama, you’ll see an amazing physical similarity, and when you add Mr. Obama’s mom’s chin to Frank Marshall Davis, voila, Barack Obama, so with Davis’ checkered past (to put it mildly), if he is really the father, you can see why Team Obama would not want that information out there; perhaps Obama was born at somebody’s (perhaps a doctor’s) home, the birth notice to the newspapers then which could easily have been phoned in, of which Tim Adams is no doubt fully aware.

And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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