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Inane left wing crazy Janeane Garofalo now says she’s disappointed in half black president Barack Obama, that he’s done a poor job, so she’s a racist, right?  After all, during the presidential campaign in ’08, the media painted the picture that if you opposed Obama then you must be a racist, so Janeane, according the wildeyes Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann, you are a racist, take it up with them, you need some image restoration to retain your image as a hardcore democrat, the party which has left most of the american people, only twenty percent now saying they consider themselves liberal, bad news for Team Obama and his “progressive” cohorts on Capitol Hill.

Many black candidates such as colonel Allen West of Florida are running for the u.s. House of Reprentatives in the fall in the general election as Republicans, so according to Chris and Keith, they should all win to prove again that America is not racist, right?  And will perhaps terminally confused Janeane Garofalo see the light that capitalism, what has caused her to gain her healthy income, is threatened by the big government takeovers being perpetrated by Team Obama?  Why don’t they get it?  Is it so hard to see that a nation without borders (which is essentially what Obama wants) is no nation at all, why don’t they read history?

See http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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