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Is Atlantis mentioned in the Bible?  Yes, but not directly, because Tarshish (Spain) was presented as the preeminent maritime empire during the time of the Judges circa 1200 b.c.; this Tarshish who was a son of Javan, the greek Iawan (the namesake actually of the Ionians of Greece), lived during the Ice Age, just a few generations from Noah obviously (see the Table of Nations in Genesis).

So as the biblical Tarshish, known later to the Romans as Tartessos, was the chosen name of those who remained there in the Gibraltar region after the Ice Age had ended (when the City of Atlantis and others worldwide succumbed to the sea), and as that great historical maritime empire of the bronze age western Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic (and around the world) is not mentioned in the Bible after Genesis 10 until the Book of Judges over a thousand years later, we must fill in the blanks about Atlantis through deductive reasoning of the evidence.

Many who have not studied the book of Genesis and science say Noah’s Flood and the flood of Atlantis must have been the same, at the end of the Ice Age, but with the remains of the legendary Ark of Noah now discovered high on Mount Ararat at 13,000 feet, and those remains far too extensive and partially covered with rock and ice to have been planted when you take a good look http://NoahsArkSearch.net/eng, the world can now see that Noah’s Flood was the real deal, with the geology supporting this notion (refer often to http://GlobalFlood.org).

So there really is no excuse to not believe the veracity of Genesis after you checkout http://GenesisPark.org/genpark/thedino/thedino.htm, great material to run by your pastor who probably hasn’t thought about this stuff in years, so let him/her be the judge, should be interesting, see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, and listen please for more here http://jamesnienhuisradio.com.

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