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Christians, I need your help.  The pastors in the pulpits of America are asleep-at-the wheel regarding the clear history recorded in the book of Genesis, the foundational book of the Bible, to which Jesus, the Word, often referred, as but the pastors of America treat as quaint fairy-tales, deferring to their apparent masters, the darwinists, who have bullied the pastors into rejecting the Genesis timeline, to try to make a mockery of the Bible, because after all, if you can’t believe the first book of the Bible, why believe the rest, right?

The intelligent design movement, teaching creationism within the darwinian timeline, is actually an intellectually deceptive concept, as rightly pointed out by the darwinists, because the movement’s purveyors are christians who ostensibly believe the Bible, yet try to appease the darwinists with aquiesence to their darwinian timeline which clearly is opposed to the biblical timeline (apparent to any twelve year old), so what is preached from the pulpits, not the young earth creationism cleary indicated in the Bible, but the darwinian timeline, christianized so to speak, shoehorning billions of years into what the Bible really says about the history of the earth and universe, is really monumental intellectual dishonesty perpetrated by the pastors of America, and the darwinists know it, as no doubt so too do those pastors in the pulpits.

But without christians bringing to the fore the most powerful arguments for young earth creationism, the pastors will feel no pressure to actually defend what is written in Genesis, that which they have neglected for generations, as the darwinists continue to mock, baselessly ‘though when faced with evidences for intelligent design, and the Genesis rendering of history, such as the ancient mapping by astronomy finding in article #2 at, which proves how the ancients navigated the globe during the Ice Age, following Noah’s Flood, the Ark which landed in the mountains of Ararat, as indicated in the Bible, the wreck recently discovered at 13,000 feet on Mount Ararat, so pastors, what do you have to say about this

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