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The darwinists tell us that the Western Hemisphere was originally peopled by migrants on land during the Ice Age across the Bering Land Bridge from eastern Siberia to western Alaska and then down to have slowly evolved into the Olmec/Mayan civilization of the isthmus of Mesoamerica, the earliest metallurgists in the western world, so why did those migrants down from Alaska not tap the rich placer gold deposits in the streams on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada mountains of California?  Why did they not stop there in that perfect habitat for the development of the first civilization and metallurgy in the western world, and so then, why did metallurgy first happen way down at the isthmus of the Amercas?

The Mayans had come by sea, named after Maya, a daughter of Atlas from Atlan, these were also known as the Olmecs, they were represented by all the “races” of humanity in the early days circa 1500 b.c., evident in their stone staturary from La Venta and Tres Zapotes for example, as the darwinists sit meekly by not able to refute that they had come obviously by sea, both the Atlantic and Pacific actually, for several scholars such as Michael Xu have documented great writing affinity between ancient shang chinese and olmec scripts; such transoceanic navigation enabled by the geometric method by celestial timekeeping explained in article #2 at

The Mound Builders of the Mississippi Valley, such as the Natchez tribe of Louisiana, say their ancestors were Children of the Sun who had migrated north, from mayan land far to the south, by sea no doubt, to export the gold and copper which they extracted from the Appalacians and Ozarks as they also farmed that rich land of the Mississippi valley, and the great Pueblo Civilization sites in the american southwest and northern Mexico (in the Colorado River Valley) are near anciently tapped mineral resources too, so they had come from the south, but the tribes which had crossed the Bering Land Bridge during the Ice Age did not bother with metallurgy in the mineral rich Sierra Nevada mountain range on their route down the pacific coast from their crossing way up north.

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