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Barry Fell of Harvard was an amazing man; when you read the overwhelming epigraphic evidence which he revealed, still ‘though mostly ignored (reference, it’s obvious surely beyond a shadow of a doubt that the ancients millenia before Christopher Colombus and Captain Cook were sailing the oceans of the world.  But even which would be surprising to the now deceased Fell, this archaic global navigation was actually during the Ice Age, which only could have been caused by the geothermally heated ocean after Noah’s Flood, just a fact of hydrology.

Fell reported archaic libyan inscriptions as far away as coastal Peru, and so who were those ancient global navigating libyans?  They were the Temehu, stone builders and charioteers, known to the egyptians, from the region of the Atlas mountains, atlanteans really, either having sailed those vast distances around the globe, proven further with Fell’s work at, during the Ice Age, or certainly after it, with even later day Ogam reported by Fell in many parts of the world, the evidence predictably shunned by darwinists.

When you know that the undecifered RongoRongo language and script of Easter Island has many script characters like the undecifered Indus Valley script of the Rama Empire of bronze age northwest India, and that vedic Sanskrit is the “undecifered” Indus language with a semitic alphabet applied (just ask the great S. R. Rao), that global navigation was anciently practiced is further established, that navigation by the stars, according to the very slow wobble rate of the earth’s axis, 72 years/degree, see article #2 at

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