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Totalitarian states control the message and commerce, blocking dissenting views and bankrupting-to-control whole industries, such as is the concern of americans these days with Barack Obama at the helm, and Glenn Beck this summer will establish the real history of Obama’s progressive roots, going back to the real Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt, their new world order vision, and how they consistently and sometimes deceitfully pursued statist goals at the expense of the individual liberties proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, thinking government controllers know best, to make our decisions for us, enough to make our beloved main-man George Washington spin in his grave.

The intellectually questing Beck will also educate this summer on the real history of the Middle East, its biblical roots, considering that the Canaanites, whoever they are today, really are the only ones who could logically claim the Holy Land from the jewish people; such is the farce which is the “palestinian” claim to the Holy Land, because the Philistines (namesake of Palestine by Alexander the Great) never controlled more than they do today, the Gaza Strip.  Abraham was the first Hebrew in the Holy Land, having offered Isaac as sacrifice on the site which later would be the Temple Mount, and ten generations previously lived Noah, of global flood fame (see, the Ark having been measured in cubits, that length’s determination explained in article #2 at

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