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The terminally intransigent darwinists tell us that the Americas were first settled by land from Siberia, across the bering land bridge during the Ice Age, which they say was ongoing twenty thousand years ago, and then the first transoceanic voyages to the Americas by Columbus (or possibly the Vikings four centuries before then), but islands across the Pacific ocean were settled by sea circa 1500 b.c., documented in W. J. Perry’s great book Children of the Sun, those mariners who crossed over ten thousand miles of open ocean all the way to Easter Island, almost to South America, thousands of years ago.

So why would those ancient mariners have stopped at Easter Island, with the huge continent of South America and its riches just a relatively short hop away?  And with archaic megalithic step pyramids and lintels found across the Pacific, why should those people not be credited as the builders of the ancient pyramids of the pacific coast of northern South America?  When you consider that the egyptian sun god Ra is prominent in the island names of the Pacific, such as Easter Island, which the natives know as Rapanui, the notion that the Americas were anciently settled only on foot down from Alaska looks foolish to the extreme.  And see how they confidently navigated in article #2 at, also

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