Meaning Etymology Atl Root Word Means Water Plato’s Atlantis Atlantic Ocean Mexican Olmec Sea Gods Atlanteotl Atlahua Homeland Aztlan Atlan Navigation Canaanites Berbers Israelites Legend Atlantean Empire Atlas Mountains Gibraltar Global Seafarers Bronze Age Empires Legend Atlas Sky Earth Shoulders Carries World Chaldean Base Six Geometry

What are the odds that atl would have anciently meant water to people from the eastern Mediterranean across the Atlantic to Mexico?  It’s the case, from Atlit-Yam (Ham) now submerged off Israel to the Atlas mountains of the Gibraltar region and across the Atlantic to the name for the ancient Mexicans’ homeland, Atlan, across the Atlantic to the east it was, Atlantis of course, but yet anthropologists refuse to make this canaanite connection because they ignore the self-evidently valid finding in article #2 at, geometry by the slow wobble of the earth’s axis.

Ancient mexican sea gods were Atlanteotl and Atlahua, guess who?  Atlas, the guy who figuratively held the earth on his shoulders because he had mastered it in that he very accurately measured it, and so, could precisely navigate it, effectively having controlled it in this sense, to a degree where he was seen as a god, yet just an ancestor, that worship of the ancestors often found in the ancient world, when as now, the true creator Elohim (not El) is overlooked for instead the worship of the creation, not the creator.  So see that all the Bible is true in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!  And see

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