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The word of the day is syngameon, animals of a genetic group (their syngameon) which can interbreed, such as lions and tigers, so species is a genetically meaningless term, and with hotshot geneticist Svante Paabo of the Max Planck Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology having recently announced that from 1% to 4% of the modern eurasian population’s ancestry can be traced back to Neandertals by human genome mapping, that Neandertals were fully human is proven, and so, the darwinists are proven wrong on yet another front.

Talk to darwinists about syngameons, and watch their eyes glaze over, because this biological fact, that members of differing “species” can interbreed, renders the darwinian scheme senseless, and the biblical model rational, with only about twenty thousand syngameons of animals having been on Noah’s Ark, and then having naturally selected as they entered new ecological niches in often isolated breeding groups.  It’s genetics 101, at least the way it would be factually taught, not what we’re getting in the public (and most private) schools today.  So spread the word. 

To see the fossil record from the biblical perspective, be certain to inspect, it’s an extremely impressive treatise with illustrations, knowing that around 80% of the syngameons of animals represented in the fossil record are still with us today.  The darwinists don’t want to discuss this at all, because with supposed darwinian evolution through hundreds of millions of years, the “species” alive today should represent a very small percentage of what’s in the fossil record; certainly not the case however, a great embarassment for the darwinists, their timeline demonstrated greatly askew, seeing

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