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The guy who Randall Price said hauled all that wood up to 13,000 feet on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey to fake the remains of Noah’s Ark is known as Parasut, his real name Ahmet Ertugrul, mountain guide and Noah’s Ark researcher for two decades.  So then why didn’t Parasut supposedly fake it perhaps ten years into his hard work, and but what kind of gratification would he have attained by that anyway, after ten long years of having tried to honestly find the real deal?  Of course, that would make no sense, and since he is the one who reported the wreck to Noah’s Ark Ministries International in Hong Kong after his discovery of it in the summer of 2008, and not to Randall Price, it’s no wonder Price is miffed.

See the wreckage at, which if really there on Mount Ararat as stated, partially under glacier and volcanic rock, then subsequent expeditions by NAMI and its experts with independent scientists to the site this summer will establish its autheticity or not.  All that wood could not have been hauled way up there and assembled to look like wreckage of a vessel, then covered with glacier and volcanic rock, without the authorities having known about it, and the turkish government is behind the NAMI venture 100%, so it’s time for the darwinists to get up there and have a look.


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