Glenn Beck Show Insight Origin Meaning Healing Symbol Sign Logo AMA Bronze Snake Serpent Staff Cross Tree Emblem Symbolism Moses Healer Desert Book Exodus Fiery Snake Bites Affliction Antedote Faith Looking Staff and Serpent Garden of Eden Irony God Jehovah Picks Sign Devil Satan Healing Faith

I couldn’t figure out why God would have the hebrews in the desert during their Exodus look at a bronze snake (a symbol of Satan) on a staff to be relieved of their affliction by the “fiery snakes,” but listening to Glenn Beck tonight, I think God’s humorous irony is that he used even a symbol of Satan, really to mock that fallen one, in that it was promised God would certainly heal those who would look upon the uplifted bronze serpent; the unfaithful not having looked upon it, just because they were disallusioned with their current state, and so, they perished.  So the AMA snake-on-staff emblem/logo is really a faith sign (not a human skill sign) of the God of the Bible.  And see

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