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The reported (and photographed) wooden wreckage of Noah’s Ark at thirteen thousand feet on Mount Ararat in extreme eastern Turkey (http://NoahsArkSearch.net/eng) was reported for one day in the western world press (I don’t know about the eastern), then they pulled the plug on the reportage of this stunning claim, so why their sudden disinterest in this find, could it be that it would really prove the veracity of the Gensesis account?  Bank it, they know it’s the real deal, having figured that out after one day, so now, they act as if their initial reportage never happened, “what Noah’s Ark discovery?”

There that wreckage lies, a field of over hundred meters, big wooden beams and mortar-and-tenoned paneling of compartments for animals, partially covered by glacier and volcanic rock, there way up at thirteen thousand feet, two thousand vertical feet above where any vehicle could climb, impossible that it was planted, and the darwinists of the world press now know it, so when pressed, what will they say?  That the evil christains air-lifted the tons of wood and assembled it up there?  Or the martians did it?  Or maybe it will mostly disappear before the darwinists can be coaxed to go up there?  See http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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