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The other day, Dennis Miller on his radio show was sardonically wondering aloud why it is that all these terrorist suspects’ names sound like magicians’ names, such as Shahzad, and that surely this has nothing to do with that they’re muslim, inspired by the Koran and Hadith, to reek havoc on non-muslims, a scarcastic comment aimed at the mainstream press who were wishing the bomber would not have had a magician’s name, but of a southern football player, like Bubba of the Tea Party, no such luck.

The great maha rushie Rush Limbaugh today, commenting on the New York Times’ recent flurry of articles about Shahzad’s financial and marital woes, said but at least his wife who wears a burka yet is known to be the life of the party, according to the Times, with Rush then saying with his great comedic timing, “it’s all about the eyes.”  The guy is a comedic genius, which even John Stewart must surely admit, and then there’s Glenn Beck too, funny guys making millions.

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