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With submerged megalithic bronze age ruins found in hundreds of disparate locations around the world, such as off Okinawa, Elafonisos, Psathoura, Dwarka, and Alexandria, it’s no wonder the darwinists don’t want to discuss it at all (just try it), after all, what can they say, that all those cities went under because of earthquakes, as did Plato about Atlantis, not acknowledging the startling sea level rise of about three feet per year for a century which was the greek legendary Flood of Ogyges?  And what of the vedic legends of of the submergence of the empires of Rama and Kumari Kandam?  Start talking about it to darwinists and watch their eyes glaze over, try it.

Plato had it just about all right in his Atlantis tale, except the date, for which he should have known better, with his knowledge of the Flood of Ogyges, who lived about 200 years before Cecrops, the megalithic wall builder king of the first acropolis on the hill which would become Athens, first named Cecropia, then after Athena, who was Neith of egyptian lore, the Naamah of the Bible, Ham’s wife, worshipped at “Athens” beginning circa 1000 b.c., when the climate change with the end of the Ice Age was just about complete, the change, with the century-long sea level rise, having begun circa 1500 b.c.

So the atlantean empire with its capital the city of Posidon (Sidon) went under too at that time, which as Plato said exteneded both inside and outside the Straits of Gibraltar, hardly a big island (as the darwinian mythicists would have us believe), when certainly the bronze age ended because of the sea level rise and the coincidental climate change for which Harvey Weiss at Yale will vouch, but the submerged ruins are avoided by the mainstream scientists, just try to get a cogent answer out of them, it can’t be done.

And lest you think ice age and after mariners weren’t sailing all over the world for over a millennia following Noah’s Flood, then checkout this startling analysis of “old world” stone structures, art designs, artifacts, and inscriptions found in the “new world,” the Americas, be sure to read, it’s a real eye-opener, and be sure to run-it-by your professors, they will freak, as they will on article #2 at  So why don’t they teach this stuff in the public schools?  I guess you’ll have to ask.

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