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If not that it’s predictable, it’s remarkable how the history of the women-warrior Amazons tracks the major changes of climate and geography in the ancient world when the bronze age collapsed, the Amazons at that time having begun to venture away from their original homeland on the island of Hesperia, which was a peninsula in Lake Triton, but now saharan desert, back then that huge lake which emptied through a marsh into the Mediterranean Sea at the Bay of Syrtis, that history retrieved by Diodorus Sicilus from remnant records from the destroyed library at Carthage in north Africa near Sicily.

Amazon queen Myrina, who ruled from Hesperia when Lake Triton was drying up, then campaigned against the Atlantes at Kerna in Morocco, and returned victorious, then navigating to the east, probably with the Phoenicians, to found the city of the queen Myrina on Lesbos Island in the Aegean, an island for only a little over a century since the end of the Ice Age actually, the same sea level rise described in misdated account in Plato’s Atlantis, also known as the Flood of Ogyges (who lived at the time of Dardanus).  The greek flood of Deucalion was Noah’s Flood, Deucalion the double lion, looking back before the flood and foreward, into the ice age world which followed the global deluge.

And from Lesbos, the Amazons entered the Black Sea, newly connected to the world ocean in that time of Dardanus, settling at Thermidon on the south coast of the Black Sea about two centuries after the demise of Atlantis, the Atlantes whom Myrina had defeated in Morocco, the remnant come inland when the sea level rose, but didn’t sail away to settle elsewhere, as ‘though obviously did the Amazons also across the Atlantic, detailed nicely in Harold T. Wilkins’ Secret Cities of Old South America, where he confirms the ruins of megalithic cities in many parts there.  Checkout http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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