Christian Salvation Free Gift God of Faith Must Be Received Accepting Jesus Christ Lord Born Again Experience What is Second Spiritual not Physical Birth Gifts not Real Exchanges Until Received by Faith Unbelievers Reject Free Gift Eternal Life

For everyone who has asked for acceptance by Jesus Christ, it has been granted, evidenced by the hundreds of millions worldwide who claim born again experiences.  You don’t make that stuff up just for the heck of it, after all, christians are far-and-away the most persecuted religious group in the world, just ask the christian believers in Malaysia, Arabia, and Africa, not forgetting of course China, all virtual nightmares for christians yet hardly reported by the press, why’s that?

Salvation in Jesus Christ is a gift, but gifts are not really gifts until they are received, so you will never know Jesus Christ until you decide to receive the gift of eternal life through faith in his sacrifice for you, what more can God do?  You don’t want him to force himself on you, right?  So as they say on the hardwood, the ball is in your court.  It’s a free gift, Jesus Christ paid the price for it, you just have to take it and say thank you, which I guarantee you would.  But if you can’t believe the Bible because of Genesis, then see

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