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Bill Nye, the Science Guy (some say), really hasn’t a clue.  He says the Iceland Volcano is because of a subducting oceanic plate, but that would have to be under another oceanic plate, which (bad news for Bill) doesn’t happen, so he needs to go back to the drawing board to figure-out that Iceland is on a fissure zone, where two oceanic plates are separating, before he should even think of himself as a science guy.  This is the same quack who said you’re unpatriotic if you don’t think humans are melting the icepacks with their CO2, so I wonder if Bill Nye knows how much CO2 is being blasted into the atmosphere from that volcano in Iceland, and Al Gore?  Will they propose legislation to try to cork the volcano?  C’mon Al, you can do it.

Basaltic oceanic plates are separating in some parts of the world (as at Iceland), very slowly actually, where in others, some of these oceanic plates are subducting under granitic continental plates, such as under South America, very slowly, while other continental plates are pushing against each other, such as where the long chain of the Himalayas extends, compressed a few inches per year.  But when those mountain ranges and ocean basins were formed, the plate tectonics were much faster, rapid orogenies, as the geology surely indicates, so read more about it in chapter nine of the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, checkout, and ask your favorite tv or radio personality if I could debate Bill Nye on the air, the Science Guy some say, we’ll see, don’t count on it.

Somebody show the Science Guy this

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