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Ancient historian Diodorus Sicilus (of Sicily) wrote that a huge tribe of Amazons lived on Cheronessos in northern Libya, also known as Hesperia (named after Atlas’ daughter the Hesperides), which was a peninsula shaped island in the marsh of Tritonis, called the sea of Tritonis in the tale of Jason and the Argonauts, which however was gone by circa 1000 b.c., having begun to dry to desert (now in the Sahara) when the Ice Age began to end circa 1500 b.c.  Diodorus knew it was gone by his day, but he was just reporting legendary history, and that history, as it turns out, corroborates Genesis history.

According to Diodorus Sicilus, the Amazons of Hespera attacked the capitol of the Atlantioi to the west at Kerne, not far from the Atlantic coast in Morocco, with 30,000 fighting women on foot and 3,000 on horseback, just southwest of the Atlas mountains, and that clearly was after the climate change which began circa 1500 b.c., because after all, by that time the ice age thalassocracy of Atlantis was underwater, so a new capital undoudtedly was sought, and it was Kerne, a bit away from the newly risen post ice age coastline, and that’s no surprise after having watched the previous atlantean port cites lost to the sea beginning circa 1500 b.c., legendary to this day for good reason.

Looking at the word Cheronessos (a name of the peninsula-shaped island in Lake Tritonis where Amazons lived), the first part of the word, Cheron, really jumps out at me, it looks like Chiron, who was Chronos, also known as Khem, who was the great grandfather of Atlas, both who measured and mapped the earth by the method explained in article #2 at, along with Atlas’ dad Posidon, the name meaning Lord Sidon, a son of Canaan, son of Ham, right in line with the Bible, so tell your friends.  And certainly refer please to

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