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The old guard “Progressives” in San Francisco must be freaking out, Griff Jenkins of Fox News said maybe ten thousand were at the Tea Party rally he attended, with many more in the Bay Area today too, so where was Nancy Pelosi, down in the wine cellar?  That’s San Francisco folks.  The “conservative” Democrats have had enough, all that’s left now is the hyper-left, the insidious Progressives whose only progress is progressively eating up private citizens’ assets and freedoms, so most of even the Bay Area now says enough is enough.

Summing up the sentiments of the crowd in San Francisco today, with great verve, pinache, and wit, one guy in the crowd talking to Jenkins had a sign saying “You Can’t Fix Stupid but You Can Vote Them Out,” well said!  And don’t you know that now with Massachusetts up in the air, and apparently California too, Barack Obama and the Democrats should have some very rough sledding ahead.  And quick, somebody go get Nancy, down in the cellar, while she’s still a Speaker.

Some really ancient history

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